A Year in Review

So Julia, you’ve been graduated a year. WHAT on EARTH have you been doing?

**Cue the cheesy photo implying that we’re LOOKING BACK*

**Cue the cheesy photo implying that we’re LOOKING BACK*

Here it is. A short summary of the changes I’ve made in the past year:

I lost twenty-five pounds. I got new headshots.

I hit the pavement, did the dirty work, got some experience on camera and built up a film reel.

An amazing musical theater audition coach, Aaron Galligan-Stierle, has helped me to build a professional level audition book, and some extremely patient teachers, among them Natalie Weiss and Mary Saunders-Barton, helped to revamp my singing technique.

Got a more firmly held grip on my acting technique. Rehabbed an old knee injury.

Hustle, hustle, hustle!!!

And along the way, things began to happen. A few glorious bursts of progress amidst the elbow grease and the struggle.

So thank you to those who have given me hard truths this year. It has made all the difference.

Julia Meadows